It can be tough having to live with a debilitating gut disease or chronic health condition and restrictive dietary guidelines. But it doesn’t have to be. Savvy Belly has your back (and your gut).

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Enjoy a healthy breakfast today and every day!

Stuck for what to eat in the mornings?  

Has your health made it such that cereal and toast, the great Australian staple is no longer a good choice for breakfast for you? Or, have you just made a choice to have a healthier start to the day?

Whatever your reason, for many of us, time is often the biggest enemy of a good start in the morning. Eating a good, healthy breakfast can often feel overwhelming. Add a chronic illness and a growing family and it can feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to be.

A quick bit of preparation is the key.

Here are my families favourite weekday breakfasts.

“Muesli” with fresh fruit

⇒Muesli topped with fresh blueberries or raspberries, chopped banana or chopped apple and your favourite milk.I have a delicious, sweet potato grain free muesli that I make up about once every 2 months. It has a mix of nuts and seeds and yes sweet potato or pumpkin that I lightly roast in the oven with spices like cinnamon and ginger.

I keep a batch of this in an airtight jar in the pantry. It is very easy to make and takes about 5 minutes to throw together and put in the oven (I’ll post the recipe another time). If you are short on time, there are a good range of paleo style muesli available to purchase these days.  I find it difficult to buy one that meets my dietary needs so I make my own.

Banana Breakfast Muffins

⇒Packed with protein, vegetables and fibre, these muffins are not your average muffin.  If you saw me at the Every Woman Expo or have signed up for my mailing list then you already have the recipe for this.  If not, you can find the recipe here.

We keep a double batch in the freezer and my boys grab a couple and warm them up for breakfast.  These are the current favourite. We also enjoy Ginger Spice Muffins – packed with hidden broccoli and carrot. Perfect on a cold winter’s morning with a warm drink.


⇒Smoothies are such a simple and great way to get in a good dose of vegetables, fibre and protein to start your day. You can pre-chop your favourite flavour combinations on a Sunday and store them in snap lock bags in the freezer.

Then just pop out the bag, add to your blender, add your liquids and any dry ingredients, blitz and enjoy.  My current favourite combination is ¼ lemon, 1 green apple, ¼ zucchini, large handful of kale or spinach, handful of celery leaves (or a 1 stalk), 2 raw, organic eggs, 1 teaspoon of ground ginger (or a small piece of fresh ginger), 1 teaspoon of ground flax, 1 teaspoon of grass fed, organic, gelatine powder, 200 ml of water.


⇒However your like them cooked.  I put two eggs in the frypan with some olive oil and salt, cook for about 1 minute, flip them, throw in a large handful of baby spinach.  While that is cooking I chop some avocado onto my plate and add a handful of blueberries, top with the egg and spinach. Yum! 10 minutes from cooking to empty plate! You can even add some nitrate free bacon if you want the meat.

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Tracie is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Member of the Institute of Complimentary Therapists, holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and has spent over 20 years driving change at all organizational levels in the corporate space, with small businesses and more recently with individuals looking to live a thriving, fulfilling life.